RIM, the company responsible for the Blackberry is facing massive financial losses, partially due to the actions of Apple. Neither company has made their objectives a secret. While the Blackberry is still fairly popular among those that have come to lose the smart phone, the fact is that the mobile phone doesn’t have as many bells ans whistles as the iPhone. The Blackberry Messenger service is about the only thing that is drawing in customers, however, Apple’s newly launched iPhone based iMessenger is giving RIM a run for its money.

With its stock prices falling and the popularity of the Blackberry waning, RIM is in near free fall. The mobile phone manufacturer doesn’t have any other viable products on the line, so if consumers continue to go for smart phones made by Apple, HTC and LG instead, the end of RIM as it is known may soon be here. This is not a recent development for RIM. In fact, the company has experienced massive financial losses over the course of the past five years. Each new line of Blackberry mobile devices had executives watching and waiting to see how the public would respond, however, they were sorely disappointed.

Apple hasn’t released a new version of the iPhone in over a year, but when the iPhone 5 comes onto the market it could be very bad news for Blackberry. Blackberry App World pales in comparison to iTunes and FaceTime makes Blackberry Messenger seem like a joke. Although RIM is holding onto hope, Apple is ready to put the last nail in the coffin.